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About Us

ΑΓΣ is the only statewide California Community College Honor Society with multiple chapters across California.

West Valley is the Gamma Iota Chapter of AGS.

We operate under the influence of the state organization to uphold their idealisms by promoting scholarship and academic success as well as community involvement and leadership. Those who meet our expectations receive notation on their transcripts for their success and some who apply receive scholarships for their excellence.

Because of AGS's great civic involvement, members are oftentimes some of the most involved students on the campus with hundreds of hours of community service logged since the establishment of the club in West Valley College. 


  • Transcript recognition with the ability to note your involvement on resumes, job applications, and university admission applications

  • Opportunity to hold a leadership position by becoming elected as a club officer

  • Ability to attend memorable state and regional conferences. Spring's 2-day conference will be held in Sacramento!

  • Promotion of civic awareness and academic achievement

  • Ability to apply for Permanent Lifetime AGS Membership where you get a golden graduation stole signifying your involvement 

  • AGS West Valley is a President's Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization.

Alpha Gamma Sigma is derived from Greek words which represent AGS's motto, "Add to good character, knowledge, and judgment".

ALPHA (Α) stands for "Arete" meaning Excellence

 GAMMA (Γ) stands for "Gnosis" meaning Knowledge

SIGMA (Σ) stands for "Sophrosyne" meaning Wisdom

For more information, visit the AGS state organization website in the navigation bar.

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